05  – 06 June 2021 or

12  – 13 June 2021 or

19  – 20 June 2021

Platinum printing Workshop by Stuart Clook

Each workshop will be limited to 4 participants and the cost will be $680 for the 2 days and includes all materials and detailed workshop notes.  Further information will be sent to each participant nearer the time.  Deposit is $100, refundable in full if I can refill the place and in the event that the workshop is cancelled all monies will be refunded in full. 

Platinum printing Workshop  


Platinum printing is incredibly beautiful, tactile and archival and if you are interested in learning how to make your own hand made platinum palladium prints then this is the perfect introduction workshop.  This 2 day weekend workshop is intensive and hands-on with the emphasis being solely on printing and is designed so you will leave with a solid understanding of the process to continue printing when you return home. 


Platinum palladium printing is history’s ultimate photographic process and one of the most archival of all photographic mediums available. It is impervious to light fading and environmental damage and will last as long as the paper that supports it. Archivally framed and properly cared for a platinum palladium print is capable of lasting many generations in to the future. 



The weekend workshop will take you through in detail,  Materials and equipment required. 

·      Calibrating and Printing your digital negatives with an inkjet printer. 

·      Coating papers with the platinum palladium solutions.  

·      Finding your standard exposure times for platinum printing  and processing the print to archival standards. 

·      Further resources and suppliers for equipment and materials. 



The first day we spend learning how to establish exposure settings and how to print and calibrate digital negatives using an inkjet printer. By the end of the first day you will be making your first full size platinum palladium print. The second day we continue printing your images learning how to control hue and tone, fine tuning your digital negatives and how to troubleshoot the process.  



We will be making prints from digital image files and you are encouraged to bring your own digital images to print.  Further guidance on the images and format will be sent to you nearer the time. 


There are prepared detailed notes for you to take away including where to source the materials and equipment you will need when you get home. 


To make a booking  or for further details or question please contact Stuart directly through his website